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Banz - Serre-tête antibruit pour enfants - Hear no Blare - Paix

  • Casques antibruit pour bébés et enfants
  • Des coussins en matière souple et confortable
  • Des casques antibruit robustes
  • Pliable
  • Protégez vos proches contre les pertes auditives dues au bruit
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Protect your kids from permanent noise-induced hearing damage with the Banz Noise-reducing Earmuffs. The earmuffs are easy to wear, with a low profile and no protruding parts that can catch on things. The wide, foam-filled cushions ensure that the set doesn't squeeze uncomfortably, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. Banz earmuffs have a comfortable leather-like cover over the headband. The earmuffs come in two sizes: Baby (0-2 years) and Kids (2-5years)

Banz earmuffs are perfect for all sorts of activities including:

  • When you take your child to an event with a lot of noise. Such as a festival, parade, carnival, (wedding) party, sports events or motor races.
  • When you take your child outside on New Year’s Eve.
  • When you do chores in or around your house which produce a lot of noise, such as drilling, grinding or cutting grass.
  • When a brother or sister plays music, puts on a show or has a sports event.

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Product Details

Product Details
Numéro d'articleEM042-044

Attributes General

Attributes General
Pour quiBébé, Fille, Garçon
Anti-UV protectionNon testé anti-UV
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